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The Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit will provide insights from top industry experts, private equity and venture capital investors, corporations, healthcare IT innovators and government officials.

Keynote Speaker

Andy Slavitt

To fix the exchange issues "there was a lot of discussion on a "tech surge"" - "we said they needed an operational/organizational surge."

Andy Slavitt
Principal Deputy Administrator
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Private sector expertise may be needed in government but private payers and providers will continue to look to actions by CMS as the size and scope of its programs do shape our healthcare economy. Implementation of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continues to pose many technical and logistical challenges – not least of which is creating and connecting new programs with legacy systems through spotty connectivity. Having helped rescue while at Optum, and now as Deputy Administrator of The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Andy Slavitt is uniquely positioned to assess the adequacy of our existing healthcare technology infrastructure and to share his insights and outlook with payers, health systems, and digital health entrepreneurs.

The 2014 Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit.
By all metrics digital health is exploding with venture funding and new company formation levels exceeding expectations each year.

Despite this acceleration of funding and interest around digital health, we felt the need this year to ask the question – is it enough?

We are living in an “App for that world” which shows no sign of dissipating anytime soon. However, in the healthcare world, will an application-based approach to driving change have a “meaningful” enough impact on access to care, quality of care, and costs – without really rethinking today’s delivery and payment system architecture and supporting technology? Is a bottom-up redesign and re-platforming of our care and payment system needed to allow all parties to succeed in a value-based model?

At this year’s DHIS we will be showcasing those companies and innovative individuals with the insights to envision the way things should be done in a value-based system and intent to develop new enterprise models that best facilitate the delivery of care and business solutions intended – enabled through technology.

Our sessions will focus on connectivity, simplicity, collaboration, and the development of novel business models that will in fact turn various healthcare sectors and sub-sectors upside down. Last year’s DHIS was applauded as a standout event in what has become a crowded digital health annual event calendar. We have no doubt you will be equally engaged and inspired by the program we are developing for this year.

Audience Profile

The program will unite a cross-section of national venture capitalists, healthcare/medical IT business providers, hospital administrators, insurers, health plans, risk managers, physicians, private equity investors, corporate business development executives, government and public policy experts, C-level executives of start-ups, IT and marketing professionals, pharma marketing professionals (with an interest in online and mobile consumer engagement), biopharmaceutical clinical technology, and operations executives.

Summit Produced by:

IBF - International Business Forum